Our approach to family law matters is collaborative, whenever possible. We believe our clients want the most efficient, least expensive and conflict-free resolution attainable. We offer mediation and advise our clients to collaborate and negotiate. We offer a complete collaborative law process for our clients who wish to avoid litigation. The issues involved in settling child custody and family property can be very difficult and expensive and we know our clients feel a pressing need for as smooth a path to resolution as possible.

We also understand that not all family disputes can be resolved through negotiation. When that is true, we litigate in a respectful and compassionate manner. Many situations require only minimal judicial intervention, while some require more intensive preparation, assessment and argument. We litigate with compassion and with the future of your children, your co-parenting relationship and your finances in mind.

We can assist you with any family matter, including:

  1. Separation Agreements

  2. Divorce

  3. Mediation and Arbitration of Child Care and Control, Property and Other Family Conflicts

  4. Child Support Orders

  5. Spousal Support Orders

  6. Mobility Issues for Children

  7. Property and Pension Division

  8. Variation of Child and Spousal Support Orders

  9. Separation and Divorce for Elder Clients

  10. Cohabitation and Prenuptial Agreements

  11. Adoption

  12. Child and Family Services Matters

  13. Guardianship

  14. Paternity Disputes

  15. Co-parenting Coaching

  16. Child Representation

  17. Transfers of Real Property

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St. Mary`s Law LLP is a boutique law firm offering legal advice and assistance to clients in several major areas of law. Our preferred areas of practice include:


St. Mary’s Law LLP assists clients of all ages and all levels of wealth to structure and re-structure their estate plans to provide for the most efficient passage of wealth from one generation to the next. We welcome the opportunity to educate the public and to assist our clients to minimize estate taxes and to make special arrangements to improve the lives of their spouses, families, friends and their communities left behind.  Whether you plan to give to your children or to your community, we can assist you with a plan tailored to your wishes.  We assist executors and legal representatives to realize the wishes of their loved ones or friends as they were described in their Wills.

We can assist you with any estate matter, including:

  1. Estate Administration (for Executors)

  2. Applications to Administer Estates

  3. Mediation of Estate Disputes

  4. Estate Litigation

  5. Simple Wills for Individuals and Spouses

  6. Powers of Attorney

  7. Living Wills (Health Care Directives)

  8. Tax Planned Wills and Trusts

  9. Blended Family Estate Planning

  10. Farm Succession & Planning

  11. Family Business Succession & Planning

  12. Insurance Trusts

  13. Trusts for Disabled Beneficiaries

  14. Living Trusts

  15. Family Trusts

  16. Cottage Trusts

  17. Legacy Trusts (for Philanthropic Donations or Scholarships)

  18. Estate Freezes

  19. Trusts Administration


The elder client sometimes faces specific challenges in our society and they often need unique legal protection and intervention. We welcome the opportunity to educate the public and to provide ethical and practical advice to elder clients.  St. Mary’s Law LLP focusses on the special requirements of elder clients and assists them to deal with the following issues:

  1. Elder Abuse

  2. Elder Exploitation

  3. Age Discrimination

  4. Undue Influence

  5. Relocation Into Care

  6. Determination of Mental Capacity and the Ability to Consent

  7. Guardianship and Court Appointed Committees

  8. Powers of Attorney

  9. Living Wills (Health Care Directives)

  10. Holistic Estate Planning



St. Mary’s Law LLP can complete simple and complex real estate transactions. We also offer small and medium sized businesses the legal services they require to incorporate, to form partnership agreements, to purchase and sell businesses or commercial real estate and to establish sole owner businesses.